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    Hangzhou first constant mechanical and electrical co., LTD is a production and maintenance in a body's production services company,With its rich superior market and customer resources,Keep pace with The Times of culture idea、Mature mode of operation and sincere service attitude,Under the protection of technology platform and advantage,Comprehensive and timely provide authority for the general customers、Reliable technical services,Have been widely accepted by the broad masses of customers,And has become a famous motor production in Shanghai and the Yangtze river delta region and maintenance company,Deeply the general customers and friends welcome and trust。 

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Dc motor, maintenance and preventive maintenance and adjustment of the center line of the brush holder

Dc motor commutator role is to put the armature winding in alternating electric thermal transformation between brush dc electromotive force,In the load current to pass,Dc generator output electrical power to the load,At the same time also must have a current through the armature coil。
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Motor repair

   Motor from the stator frame、Winding and insulation、The rotor、On both ends of bearing and end cover, etc,Relatively simple。Motor fault reasons:The power phase、Voltage or frequency is not correct;Winding short circuit、Open circuit、Grounding;Bearing dysfunctional;Inside、Outside is dirty,Heat dissipation is not good(External coating paint too thick is the cause of bad heat dissipation),And bring their own cooling fan is bad,Ventilation;With the mechanical equipment;Long-term high load operation;High environmental temperature, etc。The damage of the motor,90%Above is the motor maintenance

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Soft start cabinet Weihai forklift Ultrasonic liquid level meter

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